Look at What’s NEW…

Over the years, we have tailored our products to meet the needs of our customers.  We started out just manufacturing toners, and have grown to include a wide variety office supplies, break room supplies, janitorial supplies, printers, furniture and other office machines.  Now, we are adding two more exciting options – Promotional Products and MakerBot 3D printing supplies!

New Products


Check out our selection of Promotional Products on our NEW site.  Ask us how we can help you grow your brand with promotional products!

Another exciting change is that we are now qualified to sell MakerBot 3D printing products.  MakerBot’s 3D replicators can be used to add engagement and creativity to STEM programs in schools, to create instant prototypes or custom pieces rather than paying a premium to outsource such products, or to create and manipulate vivid architectural or engineering designs to bring designs to life.  The possibilities are endless.  See our replicator pricing below, or contact us if you are interested in discussing how 3D printing can work for your business.

5th Generation Products



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